The idea will be supported by BSC

18 January 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region

Branches of the Chamber of entrepreneurs conduct monitoring among entrepreneurs, who turn to them for support

Family Business

18 January 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region

Non-financial support of rural businesses has helped to open new businesses and to create jobs

Agriculture experiences the most powerful staff shortage
09 January 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Какие секторы экономики  северного региона испытывают кадровый голод и что...
Sometimes entrepreneurs need strong legal assistance
06 January 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
3.5 thousand appeals were received by the Chamber of entrepreneurs...
Young and aware
21 December 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Branches of the Chamber of entrepreneurs actively implement training projects...
State support - a springboard for young entrepreneurs
14 December 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
So says the young entrepreneur Marzhan Amanzholova
One more entrepreneur
12 December 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
With the support of the branch of the Chamber of...
The results of the competition "Fair of Ideas" were summed up in Petropavlovsk
30 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Out of the 6 best business projects developed by members...
By the end of the year more than 20 farmers will receive funding
24 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Applications of farmers for obtaining loans within the state programs...
Budding businessman will be monitored by the prosecutor's office
17 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
In the region began the implementation of the third direction...
State support of the agricultural sector - in action
11 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Entrepreneur for the second time benefited from the state support...
Excitement around applications on subsidies for investment
09 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
A record number of applications was received by the branch...
Beauty and Business
09 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
New beauty salon will appear in Kyzylzhar district
The new online edition will tell everything about the dual education
08 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
В СКО заработает новое интернет-издание, посвященное развитию дуального образования